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Survey Review 2020

At May 2020 I started with my first survey about quality of 3DXChat-game. Now after seven surveys have been conducted I would like to give it resume of the year 2020. Review: Are you facing bugs in 3DXChat? If yes – how often? Review: Are you facing being disconnected? If Yes how often? Review ofContinue reading “Survey Review 2020”

Sixth survey about quality of 3DXChat – November 2020

Result of sixth survey about quality of 3DXChat (22.11. to 29.11.2020) 48% of users are facing bugs every day (Oct.:69%) 24% of users are facing disconnects every day (Oct.:53%) 48% of users rated quality below 4 or 5 points with means usually not satisfied – so first time majority voted with 4 or 5 (Ø 3.36 in total – highest score in history of this survey) More than 140 votesContinue reading “Sixth survey about quality of 3DXChat – November 2020”

About my surveys

Why doing surveys?

My survey should give a independend overview about the percieved quality of 3DXChat-Game.  It might help devellopers to improve quality of game.

Are you making money of of your surveys?

No there is no business model behind my surveys.

Are you working for 3DXChat?

No my surveys are made independend – there is no influence of SGD on the surveys.

Like to give me input for my surveys or feedback about it?

Please use this page to give me feedback or suggestions – Thank you!

Find informations and discussions in 3DXChat-forums

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Get informed about news!

Recommended websites:  (Official Website)  (Tells the actual service status of 3DXChat)

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